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The Voice of
Wake Forest's Senior Industry!

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Mission & Membership Requirements


Our mission as the Senior Information & Networking Group of Wake Forest (SING-WF) is to provide a comprehensive resource for volunteers, non-profit and for-profit senior-focused organizations.


Our goals include education, outreach, public awareness, and advocacy for the senior population.

Dementia Friendly Training


Our dementia and age friendly business training is a 30-minute educational session for owners and staff of business and service organizations and all other settings in our community. This will help your employees or volunteers to better understand and responded to your customers and clients living with dementia and their families. The training can be delivered in person, virtual or viewing a prerecorded video.

Please send your training request to A member of our training team will contact you to schedule your session.

Members In Action

The Senior Information and Networking Group is very active in the area!! Please Click below to see a calendar of events that are upcoming and we would love you to join in!  

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