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Our mission as the Senior Information & Networking Group of Wake Forest (SING-WF) is to provide a comprehensive resource for volunteers, non-profit and for-profit senior-focused organizations. Our goals include education, outreach, public awareness, and advocacy for the senior population.

Our Story



Early in 2015, a couple of our Board members discussed the possibility of a new organization in Wake Forest - one focused on more than simply networking for senior-focused companies, communities, and non-profits.  We also wanted to be an advocacy, educational, and centralized resource for the local industry.



Dementia Friendly Training 
The Second Tuesday of February through June we'll have training sessions available at three different locations and at different times in hopes of maximizing participation.  We will have two trainers at each session and supply all the materials. Upon completion of the training participants will receive a certificate and window decal stating their business is Dementia Friendly. 
Please contact Carla Payne for registration: 610-908-9843